Glaciers and glamping: an epic gal pal adventure.

A quick Pinterest search for unique bachelor/bachelorette parties will offer countless ideas for your gaggle of girlies and guys to celebrate the bride or groom-to-be. While I'm not necessarily here to add anything new to the laundry list, I'm hopeful my prenuptial adventures might inspire you to shake up the traditional approach. From group size to meals and outings to modes of travel*, I hope you'll consider leaning into what brings you joy and preps your heart for the stroll down the aisle.

Location: The Last Best Place

I'll first note that I'm incredibly lucky to live in the beautiful state of Montana. Second, I'm even luckier one of my favorite humans was willing to fly from Kansas for this unforgettable 4-day experience.

Our journey: Missoula > Whitefish > West Glacier > Glacier National Park (GNP) > Kalispell > Missoula.

*While Leah's mode of travel to Montana was air. We did rent a car for our travels, and we somehow lucked out with this brand-new Dodge Challenger. I can't say it's the vehicle of choice for most Montanans, but she looked quite fabulous when paired with the backdrop of the Going to the Sun Road. Thanks, Enterprise!

Day 1: Let's eat & Ink

After reuniting at the Missoula Airport, we hopped in our whip and headed north to Whitefish, a resort town known for its upscale lodging, ski and bike trails, local offerings, and proximity to GNP. Whitefish itself would be an incredible spot to host a bach weekend, but we were en route to an epic fried chicken sandwich and new ink.

The Which Haus* is a must whenever I'm visiting the Whitefish region. The chicken sandwiches are amazing (Fried Chicken Thigh & Smoked Chicken), but don't sleep on the Crispy Cauliflower — one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten. *I am heartbroken to report they closed their doors on May 28, 2023.

We took a chance on a walk-in appointment at Cutthroat Tattoo where luck was certainly on our side. Not only were we able to get in (grateful for appointments that wrap early!), we were in the care of an incredibly talented and patient artist, Aspen. She listened to our ideas, made recommendations, and helped us create the perfect birth month flowers to honor our friendship. If you're in the area seeking an artist, I cannot recommend Aspen enough.

The perfect Airbnb does exist

...and we found it in West Glacier. This Airbnb checked all the boxes for us. We were hoping for a spot with rustic vibes but didn't skimp on the comfort and amenities, and golly did we get it. This cabin would be perfect for a small to medium size group, though keep in mind the beds are all in a shared lofted space. Check it out for your next GNP visit!

We closed out day one cozied up in the cabin, and Leah surprised me with the cutest Camp Bachelorette accessories. We put them to good use as we "hydrated" for our morning hike.

DAY 2: Hikes & hucks & bears, Oh my!

Our entire trip was a dream, but this was truly a bucket list kind of day. With plans to hike the Grinnell Glacier Trail, we woke earrrrrrrrrrly to make the 2-hour drive to the east side of the park. If you plan to park at a trailhead, early birds always get the worm. Always. They also get breathtaking sunrises and baby bear spottings.

It takes a bit to collect yourself after seeing a bear just a few feet from your car. But, once we did, we made it to the trailhead (found parking!) and began our hike on the Grinnell Glacier Trail. For reference, we were at the trailhead by 7 a.m.

This lovely boat can be booked through Glacier Park Boat Company’s boat tours and can shave about 2.5 miles off your hike each way. We chose to hike those miles, but there were a number of people who seemed to enjoy it.

Fast forward 6+ miles...we made it to the glacier, cracked a bev, and watched brave souls take a dive.

As one of the longer hikes in the park, there is no denying this trail can be challenging — even if you just consider the length (nearly 12 miles). With the second half in front of us, we were grateful to be going downhill. We were also looking forward to a huckleberry marg at the Many Glacier Hotel. The best kind of reward.

Heads up - there is no or very little cell service in this part of the park, so you'll want to plan accordingly when updating friends and family on your whereabouts. Big thanks to the front desk staff for letting us use the landline.


We cannot begin to pretend this hike didn't take every ounce of our energy. However, it's amazing how a hot shower (a key part of that Airbnb comfort) and delicious bites can help bring you back to life. Well...back to life enough to make a 9 p.m. bedtime.

DAY 3: Cute Creatures & Kalispell

We woke sore but rallied for the beautiful day ahead of us. We spent the first half of the day in GNP, arriving early (again) to snag a spot in the Logan Pass parking lot. The Hidden Lake Overlook was the perfect option for our recovering legs. We soaked up the views and spotted a few creatures before wrapping up our park time with an ice cream cone in Apgar Village.

Watching two squirrels wrestle in GNP provided far more entertainment than expected. In fact, I was so distracted taking photos that I left my phone on a rock. Thankfully a lovely couple found it and we connected via my Apple Watch alert — a feature I never thought I'd use beyond my apartment.

Before heading down to Apgar, we stopped for a final view along the Going to the Sun Road. We'd left the windows cracked in our fancy Dodge Challenger, ultimately welcoming a little visitor to hop in and snag some Pirate's Booty. Hard to blame him, the little puffs are quite addictive.

A visit to Apgar Village isn't complete without a scoop of Huckleberry from Eddie's. When paired with the views of Lake McDonald, I'd say it's a top-tier way to say farewell to the park. Fun fact: They sell more ice cream than any other Cascade outlet in the entire Pacific Northwest! (per their website)

We hit the road for Kalispell and made a spontaneous, mid-journey stop at Sacred Waters Brewing Co. Sadly, I don't have photos for proof, but we did place second in a water balloon tossing competition. We won a crowler that we knew would come in handy during our day 4 activities.


Winnings in hand, we checked in for our stay at the Kalispell Grand Hotel. The hotel comes with fascinating history, fantastic amenities (including being pet-friendly), and ideal proximity to local hot spots. We spent our evening exploring the downtown shops, sipping cocktails at The Ritz, and filling ourselves to the brim at Mercantile Steak (THE best steak I've had since moving to Montana).

DAY 4: Ski lifts & River floats

With full hearts (and stomachs), we packed up to return to Missoula. With one full day left together, we intended to make the most of every minute. We enjoyed a lovely drive along Flathead Lake, returned our rental car, and hurried back to my place to change for another day of exploration.


Our first visit was to Montana Snowbowl, an alpine ski area that offers summer chair rides, remarkable views, and an award-winning Bloody Mary. We also enjoyed watching a bear roll in a mud puddle — a moment best experienced from high above.

Summer chair lift tickets are only $10, and I promise you the sites and sunshine will have you radiating all day. We carried this energy with us, as we grabbed our tubes and headed for the river.


If you're able to visit Missoula in the warmer months, floating the Clark Fork is a bucket list item. If you don't own a tube, you can rent one from UM's Campus Recreation. You can also grab the UM River Shuttle to avoid the congested parking at the popular sites to put in.

We carved out a bit of time to relax before heading out for an evening of cocktails and culinary delights at Bar Plata, Montgomery Distillery, and The Camino.

See you soon.

Farewells are the worst. When you live 1,400 miles away, they actually really suck. It was heartbreaking to have this dream adventure come to an end, but we did conclude with a delicious bang before heading to the airport. If you come to visit, we're getting Tagliare and a round at Draught Works. It's just the rules.

Until the next adventure finds us...